First Utility-Scale Project

We’ve engaged several strategic shareholders in the project

Key integrated process equipment and technologies

CO2 transportation and sequestration and power off-take

Expertise in plant operations and power off-take

Project development support

“We are excited to support NET Power’s first utility-scale project. This plant will accelerate plans to reduce carbon emissions to help achieve net zero goals. The project allows both companies to develop best practices that use NET Power’s technology to provide near emissions-free power for our Permian operations and future Direct Air Capture sites.”

Richard Jackson

President, U.S. Onshore Resources and Carbon Management Operations, Occidental

“Completing our first utility scale plant is an important step for NET Power and the future of energy and the environment. No longer will the world need to choose between access to energy and the environment. NET Power’s revolutionary technology delivers clean, affordable, and reliable energy, and our first plant will mark the beginning to helping the world meet its energy needs while achieving its environmental ambitions.”

Danny Rice

CEO of NET Power

“We are excited to support the development of the NET Power system. Our technology is robust, and the program is progressing well to deliver a world-class 300MW class suite of equipment enabling utility-scale operation, and a rapid ramp-up in commercial deployments thereafter.”

Chris Barkey

CTO – Industrial & Energy Technology at Baker Hughes