Meeting the world’s climate goals by 2050.

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Science Magazine
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S&P Global
Thermal Power Generation From Natural & Renewable Gas

Making Environmental Economical

The mission of NET Power is to provide advanced clean energy to consumers worldwide by generating lower-cost power with zero emissions.

NET Power licenses and advances our revolutionary technology which will enable the world to meet its climate goals by 2050.

Breakthrough Technology

NET Power’s technology converts natural and renewable gas into zero-emissions power. And the cycle doesn’t just reduce the world’s carbon footprint; it also lowers the price of energy.

In May of 2018, our test facility in La Porte, Texas achieved first fire, validating the core technology and becoming the world’s first large-scale supercritical carbon dioxide power plant.

In November 2021, our test facility synchronized with the ERCOT grid, achieving a major milestone for the energy industry.

Learn more about the NET Power’s technology and where history was made.

Breakthrough Technology

We make carbon emitting power plants
economically and environmentally obsolete.


No carbon emissions or air pollutants.

Power Costs

NET Power's technology reuses CO2, which drives efficiency and reduces the cost of electricity.


NET Power is the perfect zero emissions match for intermittent renewable energy thanks to its inherent energy storage capabilities and output flexibility.

Revenue Streams

Rather than emitting greenhouse gases, CO2 is captured and salable, along with other industrial gas coproducts (argon and nitrogen).

Made for

NET Power’s technology complements current infrastructure, is compatible with low-grade fuels, is capable of water-free production, has a significantly smaller land footprint, and is universally permittable.

Our differentiation is unequalled.

To learn about NET Power’s technology and how it compares to traditional natural gas power plants, visit here.